PP Plastic pad injection molding for snow skid shoes


Manufacturing Service: Injection mold process, plastic injection molding, CNC machining


Mold Tool Material: S136


Part Material: PP


Mold Cavity: 1*4


Runner System: Cold runner

About the customer

The customer Jack is from Canada and runs an outdoor sports company. He designed a snow non-slip shoe cover to make people walk in the snow steadily, and it is a hot seller in the market. Recently, he changed the design a little, and needs to overmold a small plastic part on the back of the shoe cover as a decoration.

About this product

This product is a small decorative part, the material is pp, and the customer requires polish treatment on the surface of the product. Since the customer needs to overmold this part, we need to know the key dimensions of the product. Jack provided the 2D and 3D drawings of the product, which are of great help to us in mold design.

Design for manufacturability

After receiving the customer's drawing, our engineers will make a detailed report according to the product design. The report will mark the parting line of the product, the location of the product's injection, the size of injection gate, the position of the ejector pin, the slide blocks, etc., we will send this report to the customer for confirmation. After the customer confirms, our designer will design the mold according to the confirmed DFM report and design drawings, which will take about three days.

Gate Type and Location 

There are many types of injection gates. We generally use submarine gate, sprue gate, edge gate, etc. Since the product is used for decoration, we use latent glue feed, which feeds from the side of the plastic part. , so as not to affect the appearance of the product.

Cooling system 

The cold runner system used in this mold is a runner system that controls the flow of plastic by setting a cooling system in the mold.

Lower cost: Compared with hot runners, the cost of cold runners is lower, because the cooling system does not require additional equipment such as heating elements and temperature control systems.

Wider application: Cold runners can be used for more types of plastics, including high-temperature plastics and heat-resistant plastics.

Easier maintenance: Since the cooling system does not require heating elements, the cold runner is easier to maintain and clean.

Plastic Injection Mold Making 

After the mold design is completed, we start to make the mold. During the mold making period, we will provide the customer with a detailed weekly report. The report will record the time of mold material purchase, production time and the time of the first batch of samples. Customers can detail Learn about the entire production process.

Mold Package & Shipment

For export molds, we also have a set of strict procedures. First, we will spray the molds with anti-rust oil, then wrap a layer of film to prevent the molds from being scratched, and finally put the molds in a wooden box of suitable size. We will affix a label on the wooden box, which records the customer's name, company name, exporting country, product name, etc., to avoid loss of goods during transportation.

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