Medical Injection Molding

Alpine mold has expertise in providing cost effective, high quality injection molding solutions for the medical device industry. Our expertise in medical injection molding allows us to support tight tolerance, micro-sized components to complete medical devices.

We also use durable, reliable and FDA-compliant medical-grade plastic materials to manufacture medical components and device accessories. We have strict quality control processes to ensure the quality of our medical injection molded parts.

Medical Injection Molding

Why Choose Alpine Mold To Be Your Mold Expert In Medical Fields

1. ISO certificated standard

Alpine mold is ISO certified, FDA approved, and we provide our customers with guaranteed medical injection molded products with a clean and sanitary injection molding workshop and strict quality control to ensure the quality of our customers' products.

2. Mature Customized Design

We offer mold design services for your special plastic medical product needs. Our engineering designers have been rooted in the mold design industry for 15 years and have the expertise and experience to provide you with the best solution and save you money.

3. Advanced Equipment

With the help of mirror image spark machines, high speed CNC, 3D precision manufacturing and measurement equipment, medical parts are monitored and verified from concept to machining to material selection and dimensioning for manufacturing.

4. Rigorous Quality Control & Inspection

Our medical injection molding is done in strict accordance with ISO quality assurance standards. All plastic materials have biocompatibility reports and their colors are medically certified. Finished products undergo rigorous inspection before delivery.

5. Medical grade plastic available

Medical parts require high material requirements, but we can provide you with medical-grade plastic materials and relevant certificates. At the same time, we have been working with the medical industry for 20 years and have a good grasp of medical injection molding materials and experience, so we can recommend good materials for our customers to save their time.

6. Complete secondary processing service

The surface of injection molded products requires good appearance, such as texture, screen printing, mirror polishing, etc. We can achieve all these surface treatment requirements from our customers. We also have a professional assembly department for some medical parts assembly, aiming to provide satisfactory service to our customers.

Material Selection for Medical Device Injection Molding

The selection of materials for medical injection molding is critical. The right material determines the safety and durability of the product. In general, plastics outperform other materials and processes in terms of design flexibility, overall cost effectiveness and speed of production. Consider the following materials for your project:

l Silicone

Silicone is one of the most common materials used in medical device injection molding. It retains its shape at room temperature and provides a glossy surface.


l Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic that has a translucent appearance. Polycarbonate is chemically, impact and temperature resistant, making it the preferred choice for medical plastic injection.


l Polyethylene

Polyethylene is another plastic used primarily for injection molding because of its chemical resistance. It is non-reactive, has high impact resistance, and is used well in the medical industry.



PEEK is a highly versatile material that is used in many different applications in a variety of industries. This material is sterilizable and resistant to chemicals and radiation.


l Nylon

Nylon is often used for injection molding as an alternative to silicone or rubber because it is relatively inexpensive. It is very flexible and durable; worthy of a variety of applications such as micro mold machines.

Material Selection for Medical Device Injection Molding

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