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What is insert molding?

Insert molding is a process in which the insert is pre-fixed in an appropriate position in the injection mold and then injected into the plastic, and after the mold is opened, the insert is tightly buried in the plastic by the cooled and cured plastic to obtain products with inserts such as threads and electrodes.

What is insert molding?

Advantages of Metal Insert Molding

Reduced product size and weight

The combination of the ease of molding and elasticity of plastics with the rigidity, strength, and heat resistance of metals complements each other to make complex and sophisticated metal-plastic integrated products.

Improve the Strength of plastic parts

Incorporating plastic and metal inserts increases the durability and strength of the parts compared to other injection molding processes.

Increased Design Flexibility

Insert molding increases product design flexibility and opens up new possibilities for combining plastics with metals and other parts.

Reduce assembly time

Avoid secondary processes such as heat fusion, welding and riveting.

Improve commponent reliability

The molded products made can meet the basic functions of electrical products; they can also meet certain special requirements, such as magnetic conductivity, wear resistance and fastening.

Reduce costs

Reduced post-processing and assembly processes for effective cost savings.

Insert Molding Applications


Automotive accessories


Consumer electronics


Medical device


Smart home appliance



Materials Used For Insert Molding

Here are the most commonly used materials for plastic injection molding:

ABS                  PEI                                         PPE/PS
ABS/PC             PET                                        PS
HDPE               PETG                                      PSU
Nylon               PCTG                                      TPU
PBT                 PMMA (Acrylic, Plexiglas)           LDPE
PC/PBT            PPA                                         Polycarbonate
PEEK               ASA                                         Polypropylene

Materials Used For Insert Molding

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