Custom PP+30GF30% Car Sunroof Injection Mold Making


Manufacturing Service: Mold Making, Plastic Injection Molding, Metal Insert Molding

Tool Steel: P20HH

Plastic Material: PP+30~40%GF

Runner System: Cold runner

Color: Black

Customer Background

Our client -Jack, an American car manufacturing company, was looking for a reliable solution for the production of large car sunroof frame. 

The material requirement for accessories is PP+GF30%, and the product size is relatively large, which also brings a series of design and production challenges.

Project Objectives

The customer's needs were specific - they needed a mold capable of producing large-sized automotive sunroof fittings. At the same time, the product must have sufficient strength to resist deformation and be able to meet its high quality and durability requirements.


1. Since our company has 21 years of experience in mold making and injection molding. 

Our engineers immediately started the pre-deformation analysis to solve the possible deformation problems due to the large size of the product.

2. Considering the strength of the product, our engineering team embedded metal in many places of the skylight fittings. These metal inserts not only increase the strength of the product but also provide better durability and structural stability.

Automotive injection mold design and making

The customer provided a 3D drawing, and we designed the mold according to the drawing, and conducted several mold trials to ensure that the final product can meet the customer's needs. During the mold manufacturing process, we strictly control every step of operation to ensure the precision and durability of the mold.

In the injection molding process, we use high-quality PP+GF30% materials, and carry out precise control on the injection molding process to ensure that the size and shape of the product are accurate.

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Finally, we have successfully produced car sunroof accessories that meet the needs of our customers. These accessories are not only high-strength and durable, but also precise and in full compliance with the customer's design drawings.

We look forward to cooperating with more customers and providing them with high-quality mold making and injection molding solutions.