Wall Switch Plastic Enclosure Injection Molding


Service: Mold making (CNC/EDM); Plastic injection molding

Materials: PC Lexan 945U/ PC ML-4120ZHP

Color: White (RAL 9003); Black (9004); White translucency

Mold steel: S136 HRC 48-52

About the client

This customer is from the United States. 

Mainly engaged in wall switch projects, such as intelligent switch shells, intelligent control panel, etc. 

The customer came to China to visit us in 2018, started this new project of wall switch shell. The client has perfect product design drawings and knows some professional knowledge about molds, so the project is progressing smoothly. 

The customer's initial MOQ was 3000 pieces. When the first batch of samples came out, the customer was very satisfied with our results and increased the number of products in the second month.

About the product

The customer has certain requirements on the material of the wall switch shell. The shell has three parts, which need to be assembled by our factory. The material of one part needs to be white translucent material, so we recommend a light diffusion material PC to the customer. After the assembly is completed, good transparency can be achieved, and customer feedback is also very good.

At the same time, customers need mold steel materials with long life, we recommend customers to use S136 steel materials, S136 is a plastic mold steel with excellent corrosion resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, excellent polishing rotation, excellent wear resistance and excellent machinability, suitable for all kinds of plastic products mold, more suitable for the mold with special requirements.

Plastic injection molding

We made 3 plastic injection moulds for this project, including wall switch shell base, upper shell and internal partition. All of these are made from the same Lexan polycarbonate, but we used different pigments to create the look, from translucent, white to black.

Molding the transparent parts

For the transparent part in the middle, we have used light diffusing materials, and we have done local tanning treatment. The customer has no special requirements for other parts.

With a heavy surface texture like this, it is necessary to increase the draft angle on the walls of the mold cavity so that the part can be cleanly released.


These enclosures are made from Lexan 945U. This material is UV-stabilized with excellent strength and electrical insulating properties, and also has a UL-94 VO fire safety rating.

In this test, the plastic is exposed to open flame. The resin will self-extinguish within 10 seconds after the heat source is removed. It will not drip burning plastic, will also not outgas chlorine fumes if ignited.

Built to Last

From the beginning to the end of the project, customers are very satisfied with our service, both the precision of the machine and the quality of the products, have exceeded customers' expectations, we always carry out the purpose of customer first, dedicated to customer service.

If you also have a project, please contact us, we will give you the quotation as soon as possible.