Wall Mount for Playstation Injection Molding Service


Manufacturing service: plastic injection molding, CNC machining, EDM machining

Mold tool material: P20

Part material: ABS

Mold cavity: 1+1+1

Part color: Whitish grey

About this product 

The product is a bracket for the game console with three accessories, which need to be assembled.

Due to the small structure of the product, it can be made on a set of molds, which is conducive to saving the cost of customers.

Product surface requirements are not high, part of the surface of the product polishing treatment, part of the surface of texture and smooth treatment. 

The overall structure is not difficult, but there is a difficulty in assembly. The customer needs us to ensure that the assembly tightness is appropriate.

About our client 

The customer is from Germany. After receiving the finished product, he sent us a thank you email. His colleagues and boss were satisfied with the product we made and thanked our team very much. He is also satisfied that we have completed the delivery on time, delivered high quality products, and the project is progressing smoothly. He also stated that they will continue to cooperate with us on their projects in the future.

Design for Manufacturing Review

After receiving the customer's drawing, we will send the quotation to the customer within two days. After the customer confirms the price, our engineer will make a detailed DFM report according to the customer's product design. The report will analyze the product's injection gate, parting line, slider design, and determine whether the glue reduction is necessary according to the thickness of the product.

Gate Location

In order to ensure that the product surface is beautiful, the customer wants our injection gate to be far back, and there is no defect on the product surface, we use the way of sub gate.

Sub gate is the flow channel near the product side, in the mold inclined about 45 degrees to drill a inclined hole, extended to the ejector pin or the product bar as into the gate, the hole drilling slope is very large, so that it can be pulled out of the flow channel.

Lifter and Slide 

Injection molding sliders and lifters are mechanisms that release a molded plastic part when an injection mold opens. Slides, or sliders, release external undercuts, recesses or projections on a part's outer surface that prevent the part's direct removal from the mold cavity.

Surface Finish

Our services not only include making molds for customers, manufacturing products, but also include the surface treatment of product appearance, as well as product assembly.

Our usual surface treatment includes texture, polishing, electroplating, silk printing, etc. The customer has done three surface treatments for this product, texture, polishing and smooth.

Final mold tool design

After the mold design was completed, we began to make the mold, conducted the mold trial, and then produced the sample. The following is our mold design drawing and the finished mold.

Product Assembly 

Our factory has its own assembly department, which can help customers with simple product assembly.

The customer's product needs us to assemble. At the beginning, we met a small difficulty in assembly, because the customer needs to ensure that the product assembly tightness is appropriate, so our engineers made the assembly position into movable inserts, so as to meet the customer's requirements.

Customized package 

At the same time, we can also make customized packaging according to the customer's requirements. The customer needs us to make customized packaging for this product. The carton of the product packaging should conform to the size of the product, and the customer's product logo and information should be added on the outside of the carton.

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