Roof Rack Work Light Mount Injection Mold Making


Manufacturing service: injection molding service, mold manufacture, mold design

Mold tool material: 718H

Part material: ABS+PC

Mold cavity: 1+1

Part color: Black

About the client

The client of this project is from Australia. He is a forward-looking person. In 2013, he saw the prospect of LED headlights with a unique vision and devoted himself to this field, designing and developing more and more types of headlights styles. In 2021, we cooperated with our company on this project.

About the project 

This product is used for lighting set on the car roof, the material is ABS, which is divided into four parts. 

The customer asked us to make the base part of the product, which has three parts, and the product needs to be assembled on the car roof. 

The customer has designed the assembled structure, which does not require complicated drilling to assemble, which brings great convenience to the user.

Design for Manufacturing Review

Before making DFM report, our design engineer, sales, project engineer and

manager will together have a meeting to talk about this part mold making solution and learned about this customer all standard requirement to quickly and professionally provide this DFM report.

Gate Location 

In the design of plastic mold, special consideration should be given to the way of the gate, because it may affect the quality of the injection molding behind, many customers will have very clear requirements for the position and way of the gate. There are a lot of plastic products with strict appearance requirements, and the surface of the product can not have any bad, we must take into account whether it will affect the appearance and assembly when choosing the way and position of gate.

Undercut Design

If the product has a undercut structure, it will affect demolding and strain the product. Our designers reduce plastic in the undercut position to facilitate the release of the product.

Thread Inserts

In order to realize the internal structure of the product, it is necessary to make thread inserts in the mold. When molding, they come out of the mold together with the product, and the thread of the inserts needs to be manually unscrewed.

Surface Treatment

The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functional requirements of the product. Our more commonly used surface finish methods are texture, silk printing, electroplating, polishing and so on.

In this green part, we have done texture treatment with YS11291A, and in the other two parts, we have also done texture treatment with YS11291A on the red side.

From Idea to Real

We are good at turning customer's into reality, customer provided product design, we from mold design to mold manufacturing, finally to injection molding, to deliver to customers a real and perfect product, customer pursuit of high quality has been our purpose. We are committed to providing customers with high precision molds and high-quality products.

Customized package

Customers often ask us if we can make customized packaging for our products, and our answer is yes.

According to the requirements of customers, we will add the customer's logo on the outer packaging box, as well as the use of the product, product pictures and so on.