Plastic housing for industrial gas detector


Services: CNC Machining, Plastic Injection Molding, EDM, Assembly

Tooling Material: 718H tool steel

Tooling Lead Time: 20 days

Injection Material: ABS hard plastic and TPU soft plastic

Production Lead Time: 25 days

Mold cavity: 1+1

About the product

This plastic casing is used for the casing of the industrial gas monitor. The product is divided into two parts: the upper and lower covers. At the same time, a TPU coated part is made on the upper part of the casing, which is anti-drop, looks beautiful and feels good touching effect. The shell part is made of ABS material, which is waterproof.

About the client

This client is the owner of a listed company, and his main projects are gas detectors, alarms and instruments in various industries.

The customer's requirements for the product, on the one hand, require high assembly coordination, no burrs in appearance, and good hand feeling.

Secondly, the shell material needs to be waterproof and heat resistant. We recommend ABS material to our customers. This material is commonly used in electronic products and has good performance.

How it was made - Making over-molding injection

Plastic Over-molding lets you combine multiple materials into one part. One material, usually a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE/TPU), is molded onto a second material, which is often a rigid plastic, like ABS, PC.

Over-molding is a multi-step injection molding process where two or more components are molded over top of one another. over-molding is sometimes referred to as two-shot molding because it is a two-step process.

This gas detector housing is over-molding injection process, we need to make the red hard plastic part first, and then put the soft material onto hard plastic housing.

How it was made - Making Metal insert mold tooling

Metal insert injection molding is a kind of insert model. The metal insert is prefixed in the appropriate position in the mold, and then plastic is injected into the mold. After the mold is opened, the insert is tightly embedded in the product by cooling and solidifying. A method for the manufacture of inserts such as rings, electrodes, etc.

Our engineers designed six nuts for injection molding in the upper shell part and put one M3 nut in the lower shell part.

In many plastic parts, some metal parts or parts of other materials are often placed in the plastic parts for the needs of installation and connection. These parts are collectively referred to as inserts in plastic products.

The hardness of plastic is low, and the ability to resist external force is poor. Placing suitable metal inserts at the positions where hardness and wear resistance are required will effectively improve the hardness and wear resistance of the inserts.

The plastic part of the metal insert cannot be sharp and should be rounded appropriately to reduce the influence of the stress concentration on the plastic part when the plastic around the insert cools and improve the strength of the plastic part.

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