Plastic Lamps Injection Molding Used on Luggage


Manufacturing Services: plastic injection molding, cnc machining, post processing

Part Material: ABS

Tool Material: S136

Mold Life: 300K shots

Mold Cavity: 1+1

Runner System: cold runner

About this project

This product is a lamp tube used for lighting, which needs to be installed with LED lamp strips. The product material is ABS, and the length of the lamp tube is 481mm, which is very long. Cored pulling should be considered in mold design to help pull out the tube. Our engineers optimized the design for the customer and when the first batch of samples were produced, the product was perfect, and the customer was satisfied with our quality.

Design for Manufacturing Review

Our company has a strict project management process. After the customer confirms the quotation, our engineers will make a detailed DFM report to analyze the feasibility of product design and propose the optimal design scheme for the customer's products. All these are for the purpose of making the customer receive satisfactory products.

Draft Angles 

The draft angle is designed on both sides of the mold inside. The orientation of demolding angle depends on the size of the inside and outside of the plastic parts. In order to make the molding product can be successfully ejected and separated from the mold, it is necessary to set the necessary draft angles to facilitate demolding.

Core-pulling Mechanism 

Because the product is too long, demolding is difficult. Our engineers suggest a core-pulling structure to ensure the smooth production of the mold.

Core pulling is used to deal with the product on the parting surface of the mold cannot be removed from the position belongs to the "reverse hook processing system", is a mold structure.

Product Assembly 

Alpine mold also has own assembly department that does some simple assembly work. The customer's lamp tube needs to be loaded into the led lamp strip. After assembly, we need to test the lighting effect of each product. After confirmation, we will pack it and send it to the customer for inspection.

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