LLDPE Control Valve plastic part Injection mold making


Service: Mold making (CNC/EDM); Plastic injection molding

Part Materials: LLDPE

Runner System: Cold runner

Color: Natural

Mold steel: P20

Cavity Number: 1*4

About the Client

Our clients are water system solution-focused companies that provide first-class water system design and implementation services worldwide. Last year, Jasen found our company, hoping that we could customize a water valve fitting made of LLDPE material, customize the mold according to the design drawings they provided, and provide production.

Design for Manufacturing Review

After receiving the customer's 3D design drawings, our engineers analyzed and made a detailed DFM report, analyzing the product's injection gate position, parting line, draft angle, etc.

Gate Position

The choice of Gate position should take into account factors such as the shape, structure and size of the plastic product. The customer has very strict requirements on the injection gate and hopes that the surface of the product looks smooth without obvious flashes.

Plastic Injection Mold Making 

After our engineers complete the mold design and the customer confirms it, the mold manufacturing starts.

The mold manufacturing cycle is generally 3 to 7 weeks. After the mold is completed, themold trialwill be carried out.

After the sample is produced, there is a professional QC team for testing. 

We have advanced three-dimensional testing equipment to measure the size of the product. 

We will record each product produced and provide a full-size report to the customer.

Third-party factory inspection and model inspection services

In addition, we also provide third-party factory inspection and mold inspection services. We believe that a third-party professional opinion can provide a more comprehensive quality assurance. We provide detailed mold inspection reports to customers to prove our product quality and manufacturing capabilities.


Through cooperation with our company, customers have successfully obtained the customized water valve accessories they need to meet their water supply system solution needs. Our technology and services have been highly evaluated by customers, and customers expressed their willingness to continue to cooperate with us in future projects.