Injection molding service for Vehicles switch panel


Services: CNC machining, plastic injection molding, EDM machining, texture

Mold Material: 718H tool steel

Part Material: ABS+PC

Lead Time: 25 days

About the customer

This customer is from the United States, and mainly sells some small car interior parts and automotive lighting products.

About this project

The customer has several requirements for the whole project. First request is about the surface treatment of the product. The customer needs us to do texture treatment. At the same time, the textured surface needs to be consistent with the textured surface of the customer's car center console. The second is that because the product itself is a switch panel, the corresponding buttons need to be installed and it needs to be perfectly assembled on the center console of the car, so the customer has very high requirements on the dimensional accuracy of the product.

Design for Manufacturing Review

After receiving the customer's product 3D design drawings, our engineers will analyze the design drawings, analyze the product's glue point, ejector pin position, whether it is necessary to add a slider to help the product demold better, etc. For this analysis, a professional DFM report analysis will be sent to the customer for confirmation. In this report, the design points that need to be changed are marked.

Thickness analysis

Using good design practices for wall thickness and related features is always an issue in plastic injection molding. This is because molten resin distributes heat throughout the molded part, but areas with uneven heat distribution will cool at different rates. This is one of the main causes of sink marks and other potential defects.

Due to the uneven wall thickness of the product in several places, it will cause sink marks during injection molding. Our engineers recommend changing the wall thickness to keep the wall thickness of the product consistent.

Draft Angles

Usually, in order to prevent the product from being pulled, we will recommend the customer to make the draft angle to make the product better.

The picture on the left is the design change we recommend to the customer. This part has no draft angle and cannot be ejected from the mold. Our engineer recommends the customer to make a 1° reduction in plastic draft. In the picture on the right, a 0.5° glue reduction draft is also required, in order to strain the product.

Surface Finish

Car interior accessories are generally treated with textured surface treatment. The customer provided us with a photo of the texture of the center console. For the texture of the picture, we chose VDI33. The larger the texture number, the finer the texture. The surface looks very textured.

How to ensure the precision of switch panel?

1. Using Zeiss CMM detecting machine to ensure the precision.

We have world class processing equipment and testing machine to reach +/-0.01 mm tolerance.

210+ years 'experience mold design engineers

Our engineers will give you best mold design scheme to Reduce mold modification times and save customer costs.

3. Quality control system

Alpine mold has its own complete production and management system and has quality control in every production link.  From the procurement of mold raw materials to the inspection of raw materials, from the selection of raw material processing technology to the inspection of the quality of parts, from the assembly of parts to the overall inspection of the mold, etc. Each step has a corresponding chart to guarantee the high quality of the mold delivery.

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