Infrared penetrating lens of intelligent home control system


Manufacturing service:

injection molding service, plastic injection mold, EDM sink machining.

Part material: PC LEXAN RESIN 123R

Tool material: S136

Part color: Black

About the product developer

This customer is from Spain. 

He specializes in some controller products for smart home appliance, such as indoor monitors and intelligent remote controls for air conditioners. 

After the last cooperation, the customer asked us to make a kind of infrared penetrating lens and the accessories inside the wall controller. 

According to the customer's special requirements for materials, we have tested several materials and selected a good plastic material- PC LEXAN RESIN 123R to meet the customer's requirements.

About the project

Generally, a mold with two cavities or multiple cavities with different shapes of products, When single cavity to do injection molding, the gate runner is only open on one side, according to the need to rotate to which cavity is injection cavity, then need to set up the switching gate structure, to achieve the multi-channel into the glue and different amount of glue into the need, suitable for different specifications with the mold product processing needs. 

Due to the poor fluidity of transparent materials such as PC, PMMA, PCTG and PPSU, the injection pressure needs to be larger. In order not to cause the pressure to act on the flow passage and lose, the nozzle of the mold made of these materials should be thick and short. At the same time, because the customer has another product - accessories in the wall controller, which should be made in the mold at the same time. Because the product size is not large, we have done a 2+1 mold design, so we need to design a nozzle structure.

Fast DFM Report

We will conduct a DFM analysis report to ensure that the product is optimized for your project. We will need you to confirm the analysis before we go through with the production process. As soon as the customer confirms the order of molds, we will start to do an initial analysis of the parts to get an idea of the part line, gate positions, etc.

Material analysis

Infrared penetrating material refers to the material that can pass through infrared radiation, common infrared penetrating PC material, often used to make infrared instrument components, such as the window of infrared detector, lens and prism of infrared instrument optical system, etc. PC material has the characteristics of colorless and transparent, heat resistance, impact resistance, high light transmittance and good optical properties.

The test results show that the mechanical properties of the material are reduced by less than 10% and the color difference is almost unchanged when the material works at 110℃ for 1000 hours continuously. PC LEXAN RESIN 123R materials can be used in smart home, automobile manufacturing, electronics and electrical fields, widely used in the production of infrared cameras, sensors, filters and other parts.

Surface Treatment-Polishing

The standard of mirror polishing of plastic mold is divided into four standards: A1, A2, A3 and A4. Different standards of polishing out the effect will be different. The customer needs the surface to look bright. We have done mirror polishing on the surface of the product to make the surface of the product look smooth and bright.

Inspection And Measurement

We have a special quality control department, from the appearance of the product to the product’s shape testing after injection molding, have special personnel to control, normally we will detect if the appearance of the products, injection gate, color, product structure is defective, and pack a good product for the second sampling inspection, to ensure that customers receive high quality products.

The effort of Alpine mold

Each new product design presents a unique set of manufacturing challenges. We worked closely with the client to overcome each challenge in turn, so in the end we achieved a final product that exactly matched the designer's vision. We also want to work with you when you are ready to put your new ideas into practice. Contact us today!