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Manufacturing Process: Injection molding, CNC machining, EDM/wire EDM machining

Mold Material: NAK80

Part Materials: ABS

Runner System: Cold runner

About this customer

The client is the founder of a technology research and development company in the United States, mainly engaged in the design of household products. This air filter is a new design of the client. He learned that there is a water shortage in Africa, and developed this air filter to help them solve the water problem.

About this project

We have 21 years of experience in the mold manufacturing and injection molding industry, and we are 100% confident to do a good job in this project of the customer.

After the production of T1 samples, the customer confirmed that there is no problem, and the project is progressing smoothly. Due to the large size of the product, we met some problems in the assembly size, so our designer modified the mold by adjusting it. The problem was solved and the customer was satisfied with the whole process and product quality.

Material Analysis

We can provide hundreds of plastic materials for injection molding. For some special grade materials, we will conduct certification and provide material certification certificates for customers, such as medical grade, food grade, fireproof grade and so on. For such products as water dispensers, customers generally need NSF certified materials, we can meet the requirements of customers.

Why Choose Alpine to be their Partner

1. Competitive Price

Alpine mold has a sound project management system, can avoid mistakes in the work, resulting in customer losses, to provide customers with competitive prices.

2. Professional Service

Follow up the whole process from design to production to ensure that customer needs are met.

3. Quick Feedback

Provide weekly report of project process, timely feedback of project problems, timely communication and solution, avoid project delay.

4. Value-add services

Provide product assembly service for customers, a whole project is completed in one place, reduce the cost of customers.

5. Good Cooperation

A. Cooperate with the customer's third-party inspection, including molds and products.

B. Inform customers of project progress in time.

C. Provide Sample test report and sample pictures.

D. Perfect project process management.

6. Strict Quality Control

1)Pre-Production Inspections

2)In-Process QC Inspections

3)Container Loading Inspections

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