High Precision Car Door Check Injection Molding


Manufacturing Services: plastic injection molding, cnc machining, mold making

Part Material: PA6, POM, PA6+GF30%

Tool Material: S50C

Runner System: cold runner

Injection Machine Type: 90T

The Project Background

Our company has 21 years of experience in mold manufacturing and injection molding, focusing on providing high-quality products to global customers. Recently, we worked with an Australian car manufacturer to develop high-precision molds for their car door checks. The customer mainly focused on the verification of product design in the early stage and provided 3D drawings for us to make sample molds for them.

Project Overview

The customer sent us 3D drawings, a total of 9 accessories, and the product materials are POM, PA6, PA6+GF30%. We made three sets of sample molds according to customer requirements. Since these products will be used in the automotive industry, customers have high requirements on the functionality and strength of the products. Therefore, they have strict regulations on details such as the clamping position, welding line position and gate position of the product. If these details do not meet the requirements, it will affect the final strength of the product.

Our Advantages and Solution

1. DFM report and weekly report

After receiving the customer's drawing, we will make a quotation and analyze the DFM report. We have a professional engineer team to provide professional design opinions and solutions. At the same time, the project leader will make a weekly report of the project to let the customer know the project in time process.

2. Gate Position

We use mold flow analysis to analyze the details of customer requirements, such as clamping position, weld line position, etc., and confirm with customers the best position and size of the injection gate.

3. Mold trial and mold modification service

During the mold trial process, we provide multiple mold modification services according to the customer's test requirements to ensure that the product meets the customer's quality requirements. At the same time, we record the weight of each mold of the product and the injection parameters with the best shape during the mold trial period.

The Final Result and Feedback

Finally, we successfully manufactured high quality car door check molds for injection molding. Our products are inspected and tested many times to ensure their quality and reliability. We delivered the final products to our customers and got their high evaluation and approval.

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By partnering with an Australian car manufacturer, we have once again demonstrated our expertise and strength in the field of mold making and injection molding. We will continue to provide excellent services to global customers and help customers achieve higher quality products.