Food Grade ABS Kitchen manual maker machine Injection molding


Service: Plastic injection mold making, Injection molding production, Surface finish, Product assembly.

Mold Tool Steel: 718H

Part Material: Food grade ABS

Color: White

If assembly is required: Yes

About the client

The client is from Russia. 

He developed and designed this interesting kitchenware product, which is used to make pasta food such as steamed buns and dumplings. 

The product material uses food grade, the product appearance is made white, the logo is printed on the product and the purpose of the product.

About this project

This project is an assembly product, with five parts in total, for small size parts, we made multi cavities to save customer’s cost. We have made 4 sets of molds in total. The customer's products are used for kitchenware, so we choose food-grade ABS. The project was generally not difficult. After we made the mold, we made the first batch of samples to send to our customer, he confirmed them and order a big quantity.

Design for Manufacturing Review

After receiving the customer's 3d design drawing, our quotation team will make a quotation. After the customer's confirmation, our engineer will make a detailed DFM report on the product design. In the report, we will mark the product's injection gate, parting line, slider design, etc., and give a feasible plan for the customer to confirm.

Gate location 

Injection gate in the mold is the opening or entrance point through which molten plastic or other materials are injected into the mold cavity to form the desired shape of a product during plastic injection molding.

In order not to affect the appearance of the product, we use sub gate injection to avoid defects on the part surface.

Slider Design 

Reasonable slider design is beneficial to help injection molding products to demold smoothly.

Surface Treatment

The surface treatment of the product is usually divided into many kinds. Among them, texture treatment can not only be realized through the early mold processing, through the electrode and mold discharge processing to adjust the discharge parameters to achieve the effect on the surface of the product, but also through the post-processing to achieve the surface effect.

Our company has produced a set of texture board, can be sent to the customer for reference.

Product Assembly

We have our own assembly production line to help customers do simple product assembly.

This project of the customer needs to be assembled, and small springs need to be installed to complete the characteristics of the product. The product needs to be opened and closed. Please see our assembly video.