Enclosure for intelligent remote controller


Manufacturing Services: 

Mold design/plastic injection mold/injection molding service

Part Material: 

White ABS

Tool Material: 


About Our Customer

This customer from Spain.

He is mainly engaged in smart home products, 

such as sensors, intelligent monitors, air conditioning intelligent remote controls, etc., which are all products of this customer. 

In 2019, he found our company, sent the design drawings, and started this project.

At first, the customer asked us to make an intelligent controller shell, which is divided into three parts, the upper cover, the lower cover and the middle part, which is an assembly part. After the cooperation, the customer was very satisfied with our product quality and service, and later the customer asked us to make a special material of infrared light lens.

Material Verification

As with all our projects, we use advanced metering equipment OXFORD X-MET7000 to verify that we have the right materials to ensure our steel material.

About this project

Because the customer's product is not large, in order to save the customer's cost, our engineers provide the optimal mold design scheme. The product is small in size and is an assembly piece at the same time. We design 1+1+1 number of mold cavities. 

The customer's requirement for product surface is matte finish, the surface should look beautiful, and the steel material with long die life is needed. We recommend 718H steel material. The recommended material for plastic parts is ABS, which is generally used for electronic products and has good insulation and corrosion resistance.

Design for Manufacturing Review

When the customer confirms the order, we will make the DFM report and mold flow analysis to the customer, which contains very detailed information, mold steel material information, product material, color, mold cavities, ejector position, injection gate, etc. After the customer confirms the DFM report, our engineer starts to make the mold design. After the mold design is confirmed, we start to make the mold.

Surface Finish

Surface polishing is first applied to the wall of the plastic injection molding tool and then transferred to the part. Surface treatments are available in a variety of ways, including cutting, grinding, EDM, chemical etching, sanding, and polishing. The customer specified a matte finish.

Final Mold Tool Design

The final mold assembly represents the careful arrangement of hundreds of individual components, all of which intersect the coolant circuit, gate, and molten plastic runner.

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