Customized PC Chemical Pen Mold Manufacture


Manufacturing Services: CNC Machining, Plastic Injection Molding, EDM, Assembly

Tooling Material: S136

Tooling Lead Time: 20 days

Injection Material: PC for pen chamber and cover, PP for pen plug

Production Lead Time: 25 days

Mold cavity: 2+1+1

About the client

The client is a manufacturer specializing in all kinds of pens, originally located in Moscow, Russia. Their products cover a variety of different types of pens, including but not limited to ballpoint pens, fountain pens, markers, and more. Last year, they found us on Google, hoping that we could help them open molds and produce according to product design. This product is a special pen consisting of four parts: the pen body, the pen cap, the cap on the upper end of the pen barrel and the nib. The main materials of this project are PP, PC and PEEK.

Project Challenge

The main difficulties of this project include the following two aspects:

1. Undercut cannot demold: The product has many undercuts, which makes demolding difficult. The draft angle is not designed in the customer's product design.

Solution: Our engineers made a detailed DFM report, analyzed the release angle of the product, and assisted the customer to optimize the initial product design to solve the problem of difficult release.

At the same time, our experienced tuners will adjust the injection molding process parameters, such as injection temperature, injection speed, pressure holding time, etc., to ensure that the material is filled evenly and reduce undercuts.

2. Product adaptation: The pen holder and the pen cap need to be adapted, which requires us to conduct multiple debugging and testing by quality inspectors to achieve the best adaptation effect. This problem requires us to have an efficient testing and debugging process to ensure the progress of the project.

Solution: We have a complete management system, and the cooperation and communication between different departments in the production process, including the design department, mold manufacturing department and injection molding production department, can solve problems efficiently.

Perfect quality control system, our quality personnel will inspect and test the molds and products. By testing the accuracy, size, and materials of molds and products, timely discover and solve compatibility problems.

Mold Design and Mold Making

After the customer's product design is optimized, our engineers will carry out the design part of the mold. The mold design engineer with 10 years of experience provides the customer with the best mold design plan and saves the cost for the customer.

Secondary Processing Service

About surface finishing: According to the customer's requirements, the body part of the pen is highly polished, and a golden silk printing is made, and the customer's logo is added.

About Customized Package: We provide customers with one-stop service, including product assembly and packaging. We have a professional product assembly line for product assembly, and also provide customers with customized packaging services.


Through our hard work, this project finally achieved success. The newly designed product not only has a smooth demolding, but also has a very good fit between the pen holder and the pen cap. Customers are highly satisfied with our services and will continue to choose us in future projects.