Custom injection mold making and injection molding for Office chair parts


Manufacturing Service: Mold design, plastic injection molding, CNC machining


Cavity and Core steel: P20HH


Mold Base steel: S50C


Part Material: PA+30%GF


Mold Cavity: 2+2

About the Client

The customer is from Australia and mainly sells various office chairs. They have specialized designers to develop and research office chair accessories, such as adjusting handles, seat backs, etc. In 2021, customers found us and needed us to customize office chair accessories-adjusting handles. There are four different components.

About this Project

Project name: Office chair plastic parts production

Project background: Due to the growing market demand, customers hope to establish a long-term stable office chair plastic parts supply relationship, in order to improve product quality and reduce production costs.

Project goal: Design and manufacture plastic office chair accessories to ensure that the products meet the quality and cost requirements of customers.

Lock KnobTension Adjustment

Gas HandleChair Tilt Mechanism

Project Difficulties

Challenge: Due to the long length of the product, it is necessary to consider the position of injection gate in the mold design stage to ensure that the plastic can fill the entire mold during the molding process and make the product full and even.

Solution: Our engineers have done mold flow analysis, which can simulate the flow, filling, cooling and shrinkage of plastic during the injection molding process, which provides an important reference for the design and production of plastic products, thereby reducing customer costs.

Challenge: The shape of the product is complex, and it is necessary to precisely control the parameters of the injection molding process to avoid quality problems such as warping and shrinkage of the finished product.

Solution: Mold flow analysis can help optimize injection molding process parameters, improve production efficiency and quality, and we can prevent insufficient shrinkage if injection pressure is insufficient through the demonstration of injection molding pressure.

The setting and control of injection pressure is very important, and it needs to be considered comprehensively according to product requirements, mold design, plastic materials and other factors. In the actual production process, it is necessary to continuously adjust the injection pressure to obtain the best injection effect and product quality.

Our advantage

1. Mold design: We have an experienced mold design team, who can carry out precise mold design according to the characteristics of the product according to the needs of customers, so as to ensure the uniform and full molding of the product.

2. Advanced equipment: Alpine mold imported many sets of machines, like Zeiss CMM inspection machines, it can reach +/- 0.01mm precision.

3. Quality control: We implement a strict quality management system, from raw material procurement, mold design, production process to finished product inspection, each link is supervised by professional quality control personnel to ensure that product quality always meets customer requirements.

Cooperation results

Through our efforts, the customer's office chair plastic accessories project was successfully completed. Product quality has been significantly improved, and production costs have been effectively controlled. Customers expressed high satisfaction with our services and expressed their willingness to continue to cooperate with us in future projects. We will also continue to provide customers with high-quality mold manufacturing and injection molding services to help customers achieve greater success in the market.