Custom injection mold factory for PA6 office chair parts


Manufacturing Service: Mold design, CNC machining, EDM/Wire cutting, injection molding

Tooling steel: S136 

Part Material: PA6 

Mold Cavity: 1*4

Mold Standard: HASCO

About this Client

This customer is from Germany. Their company is specialized in R&D and high-tech manufacturing. The customer cooperates with us this time to develop a small accessory for an office chair, which is made of PA6.

About this Project

Our main task is to complete the mold design, mold making and injection molding production according to the customer's 3D design drawings.

Project Challenge

1. Partial thin plastic materials in the product structure is easy to form trapped air: due to the design of the product structure, the material in some areas is thin, and it is easy to form air bubbles and trapped air during the injection molding process, affecting product quality and function.

Solution: Our engineers did mold flow analysis, adjusted the injection molding parameters including pressure, speed and time, and optimized the mold design to improve the fluidity of the compound. We've also added vent slots to effectively remove trapped air during the injection molding process.

2. Poor selection of the gate position can easily cause poor appearance such as bonding lines and white lines on the product surface: the position and shape of the injection gates are very important to the appearance of the product. Improper selection will lead to defects such as joint lines and white lines in the injection molding process, which will reduce the aesthetics and quality of the product.

Solution: We redesigned the position and shape of the gate location so that it can effectively guide the plastic into the mold without affecting the appearance of the product. We also adjusted the cooling system to alleviate the formation of white streaks.

3. The product design contains multiple sliders. If the sliders are not well matched, it will lead to obvious line clamping during disassembly and use of the product, and the feel and aesthetics will be affected.

Solution: Through precise mold processing and assembly, we ensure that the size and matching accuracy of the slider meet the requirements. At the same time, we have adopted lubricants and technologies to reduce friction on the surface of the slider to reduce the occurrence of thread clamping and improve the feel and aesthetics of the product.


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