Custom Industrial input table housing mold making


Service: Mold making (CNC/EDM); injection molding production

Part Materials: PC+GF20%

Runner System: Cold runner

Color: Black

Mold steel: 718H

Cavity Number: 1*1

About this client

The customer is from France, a research and development company of industrial products. They need to customize the mold and produce the shell on the industrial panel. They have two requirements for the product: the product needs materials with good strength, which have the characteristics of wear resistance and drop resistance; secondly, the product cannot be deformed.

Project Requirement

1. Material selection and reinforced structure: Since the product is used in industry, the raw material of the product needs to be high-strength, and the industrial panel housing also needs to have the characteristics of wear resistance and drop resistance.

Solution: We chose PC+GF20% composite material as the raw material of the product. GF20% glass fiber reinforcement can improve the strength and hardness of the material and increase the durability of the product. In addition, we added multiple metal inserts in the product to further enhance the structure of the product.

2. Guarantee of non-deformation performance: The mold factory that the customer cooperated with before gave him a very bad experience. Due to lack of experience, the problem of product deformation was caused. Therefore, customers need us to ensure that the product structure is not deformed.

Solution: Our injection molding workers have more than 15 years of experience in the injection molding industry. Based on the experience of multiple projects, he has precisely adjusted the parameters of the injection molding machine. 

By optimizing the injection molding process parameters, controlling the injection molding temperature and pressure, and reasonable cooling time, it is ensured that the product obtains uniform shrinkage and cooling during the injection molding process, and finally realizes the high precision and non-deformation performance of the product.

Cooperation Result

This case demonstrates our company's professional ability and technical strength in the field of mold manufacturing and injection molding, as well as our ability to understand and meet customer needs. We will continue to be committed to providing high-quality products and services to achieve success together with our customers.