Custom Gas Engine Parts mold making and injection Molding


Manufacturing service: injection molding service, mold manufacture, mold design, quality control

Mold tool material: NAK80

Part material: PET+GF30%

Mold cavity: 1*2

Part color: Black

About This Client

We are very fortunate to have several successful cooperations with a professional gas engine company from Germany.

This company has cooperated with us on more than a dozen projects since 2011. It came to China this year, visited our factory, and praised our technology and equipment for continuous improvement.

It chose us again to jointly carry out a project on gas Items of engine accessories.

About This Project

The product material for this project is PET+GF30%, which is a composite material with extremely high strength and rigidity, but it also brings some unique challenges during the injection molding process. Customers have extremely high requirements on the quality of the product, especially the product must not have bubbles. This puts strict requirements on our production process, and we must ensure the accuracy and fineness of every link.

How to avoid bubbles in injection molding process?

1. Quality Control: We have carried out strict quality inspection. Our quality inspection team uses advanced inspection equipment and methods, including X-ray inspection, gas inspection, thermal imager inspection, etc., to ensure that the sealing, strength and durability of the products have reached the highest standards.

2. Raw Material Dry: We dry the raw material. During the injection molding process of PET+30%GF, if the material contains too much water, pores will occur. In order to ensure product quality, we strictly control the humidity of the raw materials and carry out proper drying treatment on the raw materials.

3. Mold flow Analysis: We use mold flow analysis to adjust the temperature, speed and pressure of injection molding. Our engineers use advanced mold flow analysis software to simulate the injection molding process to find out the risk points that may produce air holes, and then adjust the injection molding parameters to ensure the integrity and compactness of the product.

Cooperation Results

Finally, we successfully completed the project and delivered high-quality gas engine accessories to the customer. The client is very satisfied with our work and said they will continue to work with us. This cooperation not only demonstrates our technical expertise and quality control capabilities, but also further strengthens our cooperative relationship with customers.