Custom Air conditioner grille injection mold making


Manufacturing service: plastic injection molding, CNC machining, EDM machining

Mold tool material: P20

Part material: PC+ABS UL V0

Mold cavity: 1*1

Part color: grey

About this project

This product is a grille, an accessory of the air conditioner. The size of the product is large, and a single-cavity mold is made. The product belongs to the electronic category and needs to be fire-resistant. We recommended ABS+PC fire-resistant materials to the customer. After the product is completed, post-processing is required for painting treatment, and the customer requires spraying pearlescent silver.

Material Analysis

The product material needs to be flame retardant, we recommend ABS+PC UL v0 grade material. We will provide material certificates to customers and do flame retardant tests.

Design for manufacturability

After receiving the customer's inquiry, we will give the customer a timely quotation within 24 hours. After the customer confirms the price, our engineers will do a feasibility analysis based on the customer's product drawing and make a DFM report, which will include the Parting line, 2d mold layout, product injection gates, etc.

Gate Type and Location

Due to the large size of this product, we used 12 hot nozzles to injection, which is convenient to fill materials in the mold cavity. At the same time, it can improve product quality, shorten molding cycle and save raw materials.

Injection Gate on the mold core  

Due to the special structure and appearance requirements of the product, the side injection method such as sub gate cannot be used for larger products, which will lead to insufficient injection pressure in the middle or opposite side, and it is difficult to guarantee the product size, so inverted molding is generally used. The injection gates of inversion mold are usually on the mold core, and the gates and ejection are on the same side.

Surface Finish - Painting

Painting can make the product look more beautiful after being sprayed with various colors, and at the same time, the life and service life of the product can be extended because of an extra layer of protection.

According to customer requirements, the surface of the product needs to be painted with silver. Before painting, we need to ensure that there are no black spots and shrinkage on the surface of the injection molded product, otherwise it will affect the effect of painting.

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