Autonomous storage robot injection molded parts


Manufacturing Services: 

Plastic injection molding, CNC machining, EDM sink machining

Part Material: ABS FR UV

Tool Material: 718H

Cavity: 1+1

Surface Finish: Texture (VDI21)

Color: RAL5013

About this project

This product belongs to an intelligent product. We make the outer shell part for customers. This product is used in the intelligent logistics industry.

First of all, with regard to plastic materials, the customer's product needs to be assembled with circuit boards, so the material needs to be fireproof. Secondly, the customer's product is too large, so we also need to have a unified color palette.

Material Selection

The customer made two kinds of materials for comparison. The first batch was made of conventional ABS material. After sending it to the customer for confirmation, the second batch needed to be changed into fireproof ABS material.

We recommend ABS FR UV material for customer, usually our fireproof materials will have corresponding certification, which will be provided to customers.

The Challenges and Solutions of Project

1. Color Mixing

Challenge: Since the product is relatively large and needs to be toned, it is easy to cause problems such as color mixing and uneven color.

Solution: Therefore, we use pumping pellets for production, so that the extracted color is directly the blue color required by the product. On the one hand, it solves our difficulty in color matching and the problem of product color mixing, and at the same time reduces the waste of raw materials.

2. Joint line and Burring

Challenge: Because there are many small holes on the product, there will be a joint line at the joint position of each small hole, which will make the appearance of the product unsightly; secondly, because the holes on the surface of the product are small and the area is large, the vacancy is easy to go burring.

Solution: For the problem of joint line, we need experienced masters to adjust the machine parameter and monitor the data of the machine. At the same time, they must have a good ability to control the pressure of injection molding and the amount of glue injected, so as to avoid the problem of large batches of burring.

Product Assembly

We have an assembly workshop on the third floor, providing one-stop service for customers, including product surface treatment and product assembly.

What we do is the upper cover part of the customer's complete product. The customer's entire product needs to be assembled, and the bottom of the product is a hardware base. When we were making the top cover, we made eight holes on the surface of the product. The purpose is to fix the plastic shell part on the hardware base plate with screws to complete the entire assembly of the product.

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