Automatic Sensor Dispenser Plastic Parts Mold Making


Manufacturing service: mold manufacture, plastic injection molding, CNC machining, EDM machining

Mold Steel: 718H

Plastic raw material: ABS (UV resistance)

Product color: White

About this client

Eric specializes in the field of public health. With the development of intelligence, he discovered the market of automatic sensor dispenser, and found our company in 21 years to develop his own products.

This product has a wide range of applications, whether it is in a public environment or at home, it has a good sale.

About this project 

The customer has no product design, so he sent us a sample, and we need to copy the sample and draw the design drawing of the product.

And Eric asked for the same surface treatment, we showed our texture plate to the customer, compared with the customer's sample, and confirmed the texture number. The customer only needs to make two parts of the whole product, and the plastic material needs to be UV-resistant. According to the customer's requirements, our engineers will design the product and the mold drawing.

About project progress - Weekly report 

We will provide customers with a weekly report of the project, which records in detail the time of mold design, mold manufacturing, and the time of the first trial mold, etc. At the same time, we will also shoot some videos for customers to let them know about their projects progress.

Material character of UV ABS 

The customer requires the product material to be UV-resistant. Usually, ultraviolet rays will cause the product shell to age. We recommend UV-resistant ABS material for the customer. The advantages of this material are: strong impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and Excellent electrical performance, easy processing, stable product size, and good surface gloss.

Plastic injection molding 

We made two sets of molds for the customer's project. After the molds were completed, we made trial molds. First, we produced 20 first pieces and sent them to the customer for confirmation.

Surface Finishing - Texture 

Based on years of project experience, our company has independently developed a set of texture boards. Generally, customers will have some requirements on the surface of the product, such as high polishing, surface drying, sandblasting, silk screen printing, etc., we all meet the requirements of customers. For this project, the customer needs us to do the surface treatment of the sun pattern according to the surface effect of the sample, and the texture needs to be consistent. We chose VDI No. 30 texture according to our pattern board.

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