ABS Smartlocks Plastic Housing Injection Molding Service


Tool Making Process: CNC milling, CNC machining, EDM, Injection molding

Part Making Process: Plastic Injection Molding

Mold Material: 718H Steel

Cavity: 1+1

Part Materials: ABS/PC FR V0

About the product 

This is a smart lock in a locker, which can be connected to a mobile phone, and the door of the locker will open automatically. At the same time, the smart lock also has a lighting function, so that customers can see the contents of the locker clearly.

About this project

This product belongs to intelligent electronic products, and the customer needs to install electronic components inside the product.

The overall structure of the product is not difficult, and the structure of the upper and lower parts is similar, so we made 1+1 mold cavity. The part material needs to be flame retardant, ABS UL94 V0 is great for this product.

After confirming the details of the product with the customer, we started the manufacturing of the mold and the production of the product. The T1 sample was nice, and the customer was very satisfied, and then we entered the mass production.

Design For Manufacturing Review

For each project, our engineers will make a detailed DFM report to confirm with the customer, including the draft angle of the product, gate location, parting line, etc. For the problem of the customer's product structure, our engineers will put forward specific solutions. After the confirmation of the DFM report, the project will start, we have a complete project process, from the incoming materials, Mold processing, mold trial, production of the first batch of samples, send samples for confirmation, to batch production, timely delivery to customers.

Mold Design—PL Line and structure

The customer wants to make three different logos on the appearance of the product, and we first engraved the product logo on the steel material of the mold. Therefore, according to the customer's requirement, we made three interchangeable inserts, so as to achieve different logos on the product and better save costs.

Surface Finish

We provide customers with one-stop service, including product assembly and surface treatment services. The surface of this product is not required to be done, and the surface of whole product would do texture treatment-VDI 24, and the common polishing process is done on the logo part of the product.

The Finished Product

The customer received a satisfactory product and gave recognition to our team. You are welcome to read our other project cases to know more about us, send your inquiry, and you will get a free quotation service.