ABS Plastic Injection Molding for Water filter & Purifiers


Manufacture Service: CNC machining, EDM, Wire cutting, Injection molding.

Mold Tooling Steel: NAK80 Steel

Part Material: ABS

Tool life: 300,000-500,000 shots

About the Client

The client is the founder of a technology research and development company in the United States. He has been committed to solving the problem of water shortage. He designed a smart water purifier to help areas with water shortage and water quality problems.

About this Product

The shell size of this product is very large, and the problem of pre-deformation needs to be considered. At the same time, the customer attaches great importance to the appearance and quality of the product. There are 15 parts in total. After the parts of the product are completed, they need to be assembled.

Special Material Certified

We have injection molded hundreds of plastic raw materials, and can provide customers with certification certificates for special materials, such as fireproof, anti-uv, medical grade, food grade, etc. For products such as water filters, we can also provide customers with the NSF certification used.

Pre-Deformation Analysis of Injection Molding

Due to the large size of the product, our engineers communicated with the customer in advance to conduct a pre-deformation analysis in consideration of the deformation of the injection molded parts. The pre-deformation analysis of injection molding is mainly to predict the possible deformation of plastic parts during injection molding, and adjust the mold and process parameters in advance to avoid bad deformation of plastic parts, thereby improving the success rate of injection molding and the safety of plastic parts quality.

Why choose Alpine mold

1. 20+ years mold design engineers

13 engineers who can give your the best design solution for your project.

2. Perfect project management flow

Our company has established our own set of project process management in strict accordance with ISO quality standards. We have advanced ERP management system, strict quality control, etc., to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

3. Quick Feedback in Your project

We have professional project engineers follow up your project and give the most timely feedback on your project.

4. Professional one stop service

Alpine mold provide you with mold design, mold making, injection molding services.

5. Value-add service

Alpine mold can also do part surface treatment (silk printing, texture, matte, chrome plating, etc.) and product assembly.

6. World Class equipment to reach +/- 0.01mm

Every year, we import a set of advanced machines, like Charmilles EDM machines, Fanuc injection machines and Zeiss CMM inspection machine.

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